The way
it works

After taking the order from retail Purchasing Department you need to define the type and amount of crates to load the produce in.
Contact our manager to settle the order details: type of the crate, quantity, date and address of delivery etc. You can place a few orders for future shipments.
Our manager contacts you to confirm the finalized delivery details. Sign the contract.
Delivery according to details. Crates are transported in folded stage, saving 88% of space available. You make the delivery to Retailer.
After that we take the responsibility for used and emptied crates collection, inspection, sanitation etc.

Delivered at Retail Distribution Center (DC) fresh produce moves to store’ shelves in the same crates. After the crates are emptied by byers, store personnel folds and collects them and later the folded crates move back to DC storage, where we pick them up.

RPC in motion

01stacking, palletizing and preparation to shipment
02the crates are delivered to a vendor, fresh produce is loaded
03crates with fresh produce are delivered to DC or retailer stores
04Store shelves
05emptied crates are folded and collected back at DC and further shipped to pooler
06 Cleaning and inspection of crates