Our Advantages

Our Crate vs others

Stacking height when folded – 28 mm In result - +25% of space saving in any truck or storage Up to 11 000 crates in the full truck!
The weight of crate is less to 5-12% The cooling is faster and easier
Special wall outer surface – less dirt stuck to the wall, no old retail stickers
Reinforced parts for better stack stability when unfolded (loaded).
Smooth bottom surface – both up and down the plate. No scratches on the products carried, including cuts to the products in the lower crate

RPC use for Retail and Producers vs disposable packaging

Efficient use of available truck volume (+30% to other crates), up to 11 000 folded crates in full truck
Fast cooling, less product losses
Less time for product processing, productivity of DC is up to 150-200%
Displaying the products in crate right on shelf, no reloading. Less labor, less product losses
No cost of used disposable packing collection
No labor for repacking of the products in store
Less space for storage in DC and stores
Advertising labels on short walls
Material decrease of rotten produce in logistic chain
Simple crates and stack handling when loading the products
Time, energy and cost savings when cooling the products
Longer terms to keep the produce fresh
Simple truck loading /unloading
No need to keep spare packaging in storage
Folded crate takes just 14% from unfolded one
Identical cardboard crate cost is twice more than rental pay of RPC
One packing standard for all types of produce
Fast and safe palletizing of different products in one pallet

Our Company keeps the responsibility for all expenses driven
by necessary purchasing, replacing, storing and counting of RPC fleet